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Healthy Architecture and Design

The Institute of Interdisciplinary Medicine (IIM) carries out educational, research and expert activities in the field of salutogenic architecture and design based on the principles of interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary cooperation in order to improve the quality of life, preserve and promote health.

The mission of the Institute is the creation and promotion of the salutogenic environment as a standard for health preservation at the workplace and in the society; creation of new standards of health protection, which will serve as a guide for a wide range of employers and companies, as well as for politicians and governments; introduction and promotion of principles of salutogenic design in the urban planning policy across the Russian Federation, as well as other countries.

Institute of Interdisciplinary Medicine provides:
- educational programs in the field of salutogenic architecture and design; - organization of international forums and conferences in the field of salutogenic design, sustainable architecture and healthy urban planning; - scientific studies of the built environment in order to assess its impact on human health, well-being and productivity; - development of building standards in terms of the impact of the built environment on public health; - expert evaluation of the effectiveness of implementation of environment-improving products and technologies; - expertise and consulting services in the field of salutogenic architecture and design.

Upcoming events:

- Educational courses

- 1st Interdisciplinary Course for Architects, Designers, Ecologists, Developers, and Other Specialists: February 15-16, 2019, Moscow

- Conferences

- 2nd International Forum “Sustainable Development and Cities of the Future: Economy, Health, Ecology” May 24-26, Moscow

Educational activities

Research and development

Expertise and consulting


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Alexey Danilov

Director of Institute of Interdisciplinary Medicine

Chief of the Department of Nervous Diseases at Sechenov University

Board member of European Chapter of International Academy for Design and Health


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Head of Sustainable Architecture and Design

Anastasia Churilova


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Head of Scientific Studies Department

Vladimir Andrianov


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