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The Institute of Interdisciplinary Medicine is the organizer and executor of research of the impact of the built environment, interior elements, and innovative salutogenic design and environment-improving technologies on the health indicators and productivity of people with the aim of scientific substantiation of the environmental impact on health and productivity.

- Studies of the impact of the built environment, interior elements and innovative salutogenic environment-improving technologies (lighting, microclimate, acoustics, ergonomics, design, biophilia, etc.) on the level of productivity and human health

- Studies of the effectiveness of the introduction of environmentally friendly salutogenic technologies (lighting, microclimate, acoustics, ergonomics, design, biophilia, etc.) on human health indicators (stress level, cognitive functions, memory, attention concentration, activity)


The Institute of Interdisciplinary Medicine is developing a methodology for creating a health-preserving environment that contributes to the preservation and strengthening of health, increasing of working capacity and productivity, enhancing of creative and intellectual potential of a person.

- Smart & Healthy Office; healthy office environment

In collaboration with the International Academy of Design and Health, the Institute of Interdisciplinary Medicine, developed the concept of a Smart and Healthy Office Environment - guidelines for optimizing the office environment in order to increase productivity and improve the health of office staff. In accordance with this concept, the office environment should be formed SMART, i.e. with the use of innovative and intellectual technologies and to comply with the principles of sustainable development - to be economically viable, to promote the preservation of the environment and, most importantly, enhance human health. At the same time, smart office environment should improve mental performance, increase the working capacity and productivity of office workers, and also motivate them to lead a healthy lifestyle.

- Healthy medical institution

A scientifically based, innovative model of a medical institution in which space works to preserve and promote health, reduce the stress level of patients and their families, and meet their personal and social needs; create an enabling environment that encourages a commitment to a healthy lifestyle, increase the efficiency of personnel and prevent professional burnout syndrome.

- Healthy educational institution

Scientifically based model of the educational environment, stimulating the educational process, ensuring the preservation and strengthening of health, increasing stress tolerance, improving mental abilities, familiarizing with health culture and developing eco-thinking (principles of sustainable development), revealing the creative potential of students and the administrative and pedagogical staff.


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Alexey Danilov

Director of Institute of Interdisciplinary Medicine

Chief of the Department of Nervous Diseases at Sechenov University

Board member of European Chapter of International Academy for Design and Health


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Head of Sustainable Architecture and Design

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